Did You Know

The following are some facts about snakes that you maybe interested in

The only snake to live effectively above the snow line is the Copperhead. There are three species of Copperhead found in Australia. The Highlands Copperhead is found throughout parts of NSW and Victoria. The Lowlands Copperhead is found in certain regions of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Thirdly, the Pygmy Copperhead is found in South Australia. 

Largest of all Australian Pythons is the Scrub or Amethystine Python found in the top-end of Australia. Snakes of between 7 and 8 metres in length have been recorded; sizeable enough to consume large animals such as Adult Kangaroos. 

The smallest python is the Pygmy Python found in Western Australia. Adults grow to about 50cm and weigh approximately 210grams. 

There are approximately 160 described species of land snakes in Australia. This is about 6% of the world's population of snakes, however 90 of the 160 species are venomous, giving Australia around 40% of the world's population of venomous snakes. Nowhere else on the face of the planet has this many. We are the lucky country. 

The Inland Taipan and Western Browns both possess the ability to have a seasonal colour change. In the summer months they can be a golden-corn colour, whilst during winter they can be jet-black. This is an incredible adaptation to their environment; to both dispel and retain heat more efficiently during these climatic changes. 

The Blackheaded Python likewise uses its black head like a little solar panel. This species can place their head out of a crack and heat the rest of its body up in approximately 20 minutes, thus not exposing the rest of the body to its predators.